Turn an Email into a To-do

Keeping emails that need action in your inbox can be a bad idea because people tend to get distracted by new incoming emails or other less important ones. Handle makes it easy to turn an email into a to-do so that you can move it out of your inbox, give it a reminder, and then work on it from your to-do list rather than your inbox.

There are two ways to turn an important email into a to-do.

Method #1 From Your Inbox

From your Inbox, Pick the email you’d like to save as a To-do.

Swipe right from the Inbox View.

Tap Create To-do.

The email is saved right inside the to-do.

Save the to-do to your List.

Method #2. Tap the plus button from the Email Detail View.


By default, when you create a to-do from an email in your inbox Handle will archive that email so that it’s no longer cluttering your inbox. The email will always be accessible via the newly created to-do or if you search your email. If you want these emails to be left in your inbox, you can do that by going to the Settings section of the iOS app and turning the Archive Handled Mail to OFF.