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  • Support for Gmail email addresses
  • Turn emails into to-dos, talk to Siri, or type
  • Schedule to-dos, add reminders, and more
  • See to-dos and Calendar together
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Desktop, Apple Watch


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Everything in the free offer plus
  • Support for business email (Google Apps)
  • Delegate to-dos to anyone in your organization & track them in real-time
  • Track progress with a daily view of completed, outstanding, delegated tasks
  • Coming Soon - Import tasks from other services like Slack and Evernote


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Handle Coach

Everything in Enterprise plus in partnership with
  • Get teamed with a productivity coach
  • 60 minute video chat with your coach
  • Personalized action plan based on your goals and aspirations
  • Weekly emails from your coach


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We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee for Handle Enterprise. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason just email us.
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Q: How does Handle work?
A: Since so many of life's action items arrive in the email inbox, we had to start there. But without the ability to innovate the data model or change the legacy protocols, we hit an impasse. So we got creative. To embrace email, but also extend its functionality, we created a hybrid architecture. Using the Handle app on you iPhone or desktop isn't interacting with one service, it's actually a "mashup" of two. Your emails and labels come from the email server, but your to-do data lives elsewhere in the cloud. As to-dos are created,  the email threads get supplemented with to-do titles and more. The to-dos can be clustered by project, re-ordered based on priority, have due dates added, pinned to locations, delayed in time, and rendered in a much more beautiful and usable way.  Your to-do data stays synced in the cloud so you have a backup and all of your devices have the latest information. Oh, and we can make it better whenever you or we have a new good idea. Handle is the next step in email’s evolution, and we're just getting started.  

Q: What makes Handle different?
A: Handle is the only app that’s dedicated to helping you stay focused on what matters. That’s why we created an entire productivity system that combines to-dos, email, and calendar into one. The Handle Timeline is the only to-do list that can contain both important emails + to-dos alongside your events. Other apps are designed for just one purpose or don't have a metadata model. And Handle believes your data belongs to you, which is why we don’t store your to-dos, emails, or events on our own servers.

Q: Does Handle keep my emails on their servers?
A: No. Email stays on your email server and your phone. Handle servers only store a list of your accounts so you can connect them more quickly on a second or third device, we do not store your credentials.

Q: Do I have to get a new email address or calendar to use Handle?
No. You can use Handle with your existing Gmail or Google Account. We'll be adding additional email support in the future. As for calendars, we can also add appointment data from any calendar you've connected to your iPhone including Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! and more.

Q: Why don’t you have search?
A: Search is coming. We build features each week based on what will improve the user experience most significantly. Interestingly, when you start using Handle your need for search goes down because the emails are linked to the to-dos and you see them right when you are supposed to act on them. Most of our team keeps the Gmail app on our phones for search but use it far less.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: Easy. Just click here to change your password. If you use your Google account to login you will need to change your Google password.

Q: How do I purchase or cancel one of the premium plans?
A: To purchase go to the pricing page and select one of the premium options. If you are already a free customer your account will be automatically upgraded. To unsubscribe, click here or contact us. You can read of terms and conditions here.

Q: Why does the Handle badge show to-dos rather than unread emails?
A: We created Handle to help you focus on the most important things you want to get done. Unread email counts are a distraction. They take you away from important tasks and back in processing email. To help you direct your attention on what you said you wanted to accomplish, our app badges your incomplete to-dos instead.

Q: Will Handle help me get to inbox zero?
A: Your inbox is not the boss of you, and the pursuit of “inbox zero” for it’s own sake won’t get you out of that relationship. Handle is here to help you focus your time on the important things. We give you the tools to process your inbox quickly, between periods of working on to-dos you deemed important. So while you might achieve “inbox zero” several times a day using Handle, it’s not our guiding principle.

Q: When will you add support for Android, Exchange, and other email accounts? How about a desktop app?
A: This is just our debut release, so while we started with iOS, Chrome, and Gmail, we certainly won't stop there. We are actively working to add new features and will release them as soon they're ready. Please stay tuned for more exciting news in the future.


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