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Our Mission is to help people spend their lives on the important things

Handle began as a search for a tool to end email overload. While inbox zero seemed the likely goal, it became clear along the way it is not. Satisfaction derives not from doing more things, but from doing the right things. Inboxes are full of things that don't matter, and things that do matter often come from deep within. Our mission was bigger than email overload. It was about life, and how to help us all handle it.


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Our team is intent on solving the problem once and for all. Here's a few of the things important to us when not at Handle.


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In addition to the team above, Handle would not have been possible without the help of several others. We'd like to thank them all for their contributions. 


Alta, Arisa Amano, Avery Son, Ben Shapiro, Blake Mills, Blue Otter, Brian Tobin, Carl Jackson, Chip Heath, Chuck Seiber, Colin Billings, Dave Fischer, Epic, Eric Resnick, Eric Ries, Eric Wu, Ethan Beard & Wayee Chu, Gordon Cieplak, Greg Tomei, Guido Kovalskys, Horn Group, HP Jin, Ian McDowell, Jason Copeland, Jen Beller, Joannie Fischer, Joel Parker Henderson, John Danner, Karl Mehta, Kurt Snyder, Mel Sampat, Mitch Kapor, Nate Amerose, Rodrigo Vanegas, Ron Beller, Ron Fernandez, Sonja Perkins, Todd Siegel, Transvideo, Vaugh Koch, Vineet Mehta, Wolfram Arnold, Yvette Ma