Some things are just better together.

Handle helps you put everything that's on your mind in one place so you can stay focused on what matters. Now with Siri support, entering a to-do is as simple as saying "Remind Me."

Let's Get Talking

Scribble a reminder into your notebook and it may get lost. Let Siri keep you organized and save the notebook for sketching.

How to activate Siri

  • Watch: press and hold the Crown.
  • iPhone: press and hold the Home button.

    Handsfree Freedom

    You’re cooking, you’re driving, you’re doing step aerobics. Well keep those hands busy — just say “Hey Siri” to wake Siri up, then “Remind me.”


    Keep Those Priorities Straight

    Don’t stress out trying to do it all today. Organize your to-dos by assigning times in one step. Say, “Remind me to file those TPS reports at 3pm” for the things that you need to do today. But for the less urgent stuff, say, “Remind me to consider the possibility of going to the gym this weekend.”


    Location, Location, Location

    Real estate agents get it and so does Siri. Want to be reminded when you leave or arrive at a location? Easy, just say, “Remind me to pick up a dozen doughnuts when I leave” or “Remind me to watch at least three episodes of my new show when I get home.” Don’t worry about those to-dos right now if they require you to be in a different location to take action.


    We've Come a Long Way Together

    Siri (originally named "Hal") began life as a DARPA-funded research project transformed to business reality by Founders Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer, and Tom Gruber with support from Norm Winarsky of SRI.

    Handle's Founder Shawn Carolan led their first VC round at Menlo Ventures, also the birthplace of Handle. He was a board member through the acquistion by Apple in 2010. Now that's history.