To-dos + Email + Calendar = Focus

Our attention is the most precious resource on the planet and it’s being squandered. There are a billion knowledge workers who spend 13 hours or more each week being reactive in their inbox. We cut that in half. With Handle, you work out of a productivity system that brings your email, to-do list, and calendar together and helps you stay focused on what matters.

Process Your Inbox

With your email connected, you can process your inbox from your iPhone or desktop. Shoot off quick replies, swipe left for less important stuff and swipe right for things you have to do.

Inbox views optimized for processing or scanning.

A Smarter To-Do List

The to-do list in Handle is designed to keep to-dos from falling through the cracks and to be able to easily defer tasks that should be dealt with later.

Your to-dos exist on a timeline and, unless completed, keep rolling over into the next time bucket.

Upcoming calendar events also appear on the list so you can always trust your list to guide your focus.

Creating to-dos and reminders

When you create a to-do with a reminder it shows on your to-do list in relation to other time sensitive events.

Seamless Calendar Integration

Create events, schedule due dates and pick reminder times around your schedule.