Process your Inbox (Triage)

Email is critical but your inbox can also be a productivity killer because it's constantly filling up with distracting messages that aren’t aligned to your daily plan or in need of immediate attention.

Handle helps you quickly process your inbox and turn important emails into actionable to-dos. From the inbox section, you can triage emails quickly with left or right swipes.

1. Swipe Right on emails that require action

  • Tapping Create A Todo will begin creating a to-do with the email attached to it. In this flow, you can set a reminder, add the to-do to a project or even record some notes from the To-do Detail Screen before saving the to-do to your list.

  • Tapping Remind Me will shortcut you through the to-do creation process by asking you only to set a reminder time for the new to-do. Once you’ve picked a reminder time, Handle will capture the email and other necessary data and add it to your to-do list.
Note about Auto-Archive:
By default, when you create a to-do from an email in your inbox, Handle will archive that email so that it’s no longer cluttering your inbox. This email will always be accessible via the newly created to-do or if you search your email. If, instead you prefer these emails are left in your inbox, you can do that by going to the Settings section of the iOS app and turning the Archive Handled Mail to OFF.

2. Swipe Left on emails that you want to move out of your inbox.

  • Tapping Delete will delete that email from your email account.

  • Tapping Archive will move the email to you Archived Folder in your email account.