Make a Plan and Update it Every Day

Making a plan is critical to staying on target towards your goals. We recommend you update your plan once a day and work from that focused list. Handle helps you build this plan by organizing itself based on the reminders and priorities you’ve added and making it easy to edit these priorities.

Time-based To-do List

Handle will automatically show to-dos with reminders set for today at the top of your To-do list.

Quickly Adjust Reminders or Due Dates with Swipes

Swipe right to add or edit a reminder for any to-do. If something it’s important today, swipe to defer it until later.

Swipe left to create a due-date for to-dos that have a specific deadline.

Using the Agenda

Creating a plan is essential to staying focused. Handle helps you effortlessly build a plan for every day and then keep you focused on it. The Agenda view of the Calendar section will show you the plan for any given day by combining your calendar events with your to-dos so that you can see exactly what you need to focus on right now.