When it comes to effective reminders, sometimes where is more important than when.

Since no one can be in two places at once, and we can all use help with compensating for our memory deficiencies, Handle enables you to set location based reminders.

The commute home from work may not be the same time every day, and what time you arrive at home may depend on traffic or if you decided to grab a drink after work. That 5:30pm reminder to pick up pet food will likely be dismissed or forgotten if your daily routine alters.

Handle Locations are useful notification triggers for things you want to be reminded about when you leave or arrive at a particular location. Locations also keep your list actionable and focused on what matters in your current context.

A few examples of location based reminders:

  • Feed neighbor’s cat : when I arrive at home
  • Get gas : when I leave work
  • Stop at the post office : when I leave home
  • Say happy birthday to Mark : when I arrive at the office party
  • Pick up a nice bottle of wine for Jane : when I leave work
  • Drop off dry cleaning : when I arrive at home
  • Pick up dry cleaning : when I walk by cleaners

Handle Locations and the to-do list

When you add a reminder for a location, Handle doesn’t show the to-do until you arrive at that spot - so you don’t have extra items on the list if you aren’t in the right place to take care of them.

Creating new locations in Handle is simple

By default the Locations list in Handle includes a placeholder for home and work.