Your most important decision today — and every day of your life —is where to focus your attention next.

That’s why we made Handle.

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One app, everything that’s important

Handle helps you stay focused by bringing your email, to-dos, and calendar together in one place so you can make better decisions with your time and relax without things falling through the cracks. 

It's your life. We help you Handle it.


Upgrade your habit.

Email wasn’t designed to manage your life. Critical to-dos can get obscured by all the noise. Handle saves you from piecing together a system of attention hacks like “mark as unread”, flags, and sticky notes.  Just swipe to turn actionable emails into to-dos.


Spend your time doing what you value.


Focus on what matters.

The Handle Timeline is smart. It  only displays what you can act on right now based on your location, time, events and priorities, so you don't get overwhelmed. Handle also stays sync’ed across your iPhone® and desktop.


Contextual Reminders


Set reminders  to grab your attention
at the right time or place

Integrated Calendar


Create events, set due dates, and pick reminder times around your schedule



Make progress on your long term goals
by grouping to-dos into projects


Take back control of your life

We believe human attention is the most precious resource on the planet. Once you become proactive instead of reactive, the fear of falling behind or forgetting something is replaced by confidence.

It's your life. We help you handle it.


What people are saying about Handle

"These guys are building what I've been envisioning for 25 years. The most exciting personal productivity tool I've seen in forever."

—Mitch Kapor, Founder Lotus 


 “I love the look of the app - a truly beautiful interface.”

—Alec Wilson, Teacher




 “The mere fact that Handle
links tasks back to their original email relegates the vast majority of productivity apps on the market into relics of the stone age.”

—Michael Rabonza, Investor



Download the App

Handle works with your existing Gmail or Google account.

Get the mobile app for iPhone® & iPad® and the Chrome extension for your computer. Connect Handle to your Dropbox account to keep them in sync.

Support for more mobile devices and email accounts including Exchange coming soon! Sign up below to get notified when we add them.