Delagate to others by sending to-dos.

Sometimes, you're not the best person to get something done on your list. When it's time to ask for someone elses help, just send them a to-do from Handle. You can keep track of that to-do until it's done just the way you do for your own tasks.

Sending a to-do

To send a to-do, tap the 'Send To-do' section from the to-do screen. You can do this when you're creating a to-do or to an existing to-do.

We'll notifiy your recipent with a to-do request.

Handle will send your to-do to the recipient you selected. They will will receive an email with all the details of the to-do you sent.

Your sent to-dos are collected in one place.

From the side-bar, you can access all your sent to-dos, see who they are assigned to and how long they've been outstanding. If you want to make sure to follow up on any of your sent to-dos, you can swipe right to add a reminder to a sent-do and that to-do will also come up in your Handle workflow.

Get Updates on the Status of Your To-dos

Handle keeps you up-to-date with the your sent to-dos by letting you know when your sent to-dos are accepted, if reminders or due dates are changed by the recipient and most importantly when they're completed.