a simple path to staying on top of your life


To-dos, Email, and Calendar all in a single app with the power to answer the fundamental question

“What should I do next?"


The Handle Habit

With a few simple habits, Handle can help you stay on top of your life.

It's as simple as




Capture to-dos at the speed of life

Speak or type as soon as ideas cross your mind - anytime, anywhere


Siri Integration

Immediately capture that thought in your own words. We’ll turn it into a rich to-do with a reminder. You can even use Siri to add to-dos to Handle.

Quick Capture

Transform important emails into actionable to-dos right from your inbox. All the details of the email are saved with the task so you can work from a to-do list instead of a distracting inbox.

Swipe emails into to-dos

We’ll automatically order your to-dos based on the time you set for them to be important. Quickly build a complete inventory of your needed actions and then focus on what’s most important now.




Make your to-dos smart

Add reminders, due dates, notes and more so that handle can remind you when its time to act


Powerful Reminders

Quickly add due-dates and reminders that order the importance of your to-dos by time. We’ll keep them out of focus until its time to pay attention again.

Create Projects

Break large to-dos into projects with smaller to-dos. Then make progress on these to-dos by working them into your workflow and schedule.




Make a plan. Update it daily.

Spend 15 minutes a day reviewing your list and establishing a plan. A plan gives you confidence that you are on track and eliminates worrying about what to do next.


Today's Priorities

Everyday, Handle puts your reminders for the day at the top of your list Quickly promote other tasks for today or snooze a to-do for a later time - all with a simple swipe.

Calendar Integration

Weave today’s actions into your existing commitments by viewing them against your calendars. Getting to-dos scheduled into your calendar means you’re protecting time to work on them.

Web App with Calendar


All the features of Handle’s workflow with the power to schedule your time deep into the future. Drag and drop to-dos onto your calendar so your plan matches your capacity.




Work from your plan.

Handle considers your reminders, due-dates, locations and priorities to present you with a clear view of what to do next. You won’t wast time reconsidering everything on your list when ever your check off a to-do or come out of a meeting.


Contextual To-do List

No more overwhelmingly long lists. The actiond you can and want to do now surface at the top of your list based on your priorities, schedule and location.

Today's Agenda

See all of today’s tasks and your meetings in a single list so that you can work through your list and stay on time.

Quick Actions

Handle recognizes tasks that only need a single tap to start and puts that on your agenda so you’re plan becomes the dashboard for your day. Tap to call, tap to email and more.


Your life goes everywhere. So should your system.


What people are saying about Handle.

"These guys are building what I've been envisioning for 25 years. The most exciting personal productivity tool I've seen in forever."

—Mitch Kapor, Founder Lotus


“I love the look of the app - a truly beautiful interface.”

—Alec Wilson, Teacher


“The mere fact that Handle links tasks back to their original email relegates the vast majority of productivity apps on the market into relics of the stone age.”

—Michael Rabonza, Investor