Handle Hero: Andy Smith


Andy Smith
Author & Investor

Andy is our first Handle Hero of the week! He started using Handle during the beta because he was looking for a way to manage his email and to-dos that would “work for you, rather than fight with you.” The integration of email, to-dos, and calendars together in one app made sense to him.

As an investor, Andy goes to a lot of meetings. He uses Handle on his iPhone to “jam through emails when I’m between things. Email is the center of where my to-dos come from.”

He uses Handle mostly for work, but also to manage his personal life. “There are as many things that need to be done as a parent and a person as there are for professionals...I don’t understand how someone can put a firm wall between their work and personal lives and stay both married and employed.”

Now that he’s been using Handle for two months, Andy has doubled the number of to-dos he completes each day, and “they’re not fundamentally different in size than before. If you don’t lose focus you can get a lot more done.”

“I open handle at least 10 times per day -- and 20 wouldn't be out of the question, because it's such a clear and fast way to stay on top of both what's current and what's a priority.  I do that pretty much any time I have solo time between things during the work day.”

Thanks for being a Handle Hero, Andy!

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