App Update: Repeating To-dos, Siri and Apple Watch

Did you forget to take out the garbage? >> Repeating To-dos are here!

Here are a few of the highlights from the latest version of Handle. And don’t forget, we’re always listening to find guidance for refining Handle to improve how it works for you. We know that you’re juggling a lot, so we make it really easy for you to send feedback and recommendations. If any idea or gripe comes to mind, you can quickly send us an email at

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Repeating To-dos

Set it and forget it, until it’s important.

‘Repeating To-dos’ was your most requested feature over the last few months. We’ve learned that there are many important tasks that regularly need your attention and that making a separate to-do every time just doesn’t cut it. Now, once you’ve set a reminder for any to-do, you can make that to-do repeat at regular intervals, including:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

To add a repeating to-do, go to the details screen for any to-do, add a reminder, and then tap the Make Repeating icon to select your desired interval.


Siri Integration for Reminders

Use Siri to add to-dos while driving.

Capturing your thoughts in a single place is an essential practice for the most productive people. With Handle there are many ways to quickly get you latest idea into Handle so that you can get to it later when the time is right. Just say “Remind Me” to Siri and even specify a reminder time and it will appear in your Handle agenda. Learn more about our Siri Integration.


Apple Watch

Your Most Important To-dos at a Glance

We shouldn’t be wasting our attention and energy on trying to remember things. The more your system for getting things done fits into your life and daily routine, the less you worry and the more you can focus on the important things. With Handle’s app for the Apple Watch, we’ve brought you an intuitive companion to make every day a great day.