iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Shortcuts

Ready to attach a Smart Keyboard to your iPad Pro and supercharge your Handle experience? We got you covered. Here is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts. And don't worry if you don't have an iPad Pro yet - these will work for any iPad connected to a keyboard.

Global (anywhere in the app)
• ⌘1: Email Tab
• ⌘2: To-do Tab
• ⌘3: Calendar Tab
• ⌘T: Create new task (same as tapping the magic plus button)

Inbox Tab
• ⌘N: Compose Email

Email Detail View
• ⌘T: Turn an email into a to-do
• ⌘A: Archive
• ⌘⌫: Delete

• ⌘R: Reply
• ⇧⌘R: Reply All

• ⌘F: Forward

To-dos Tab
• ⌘N Create To-do
• ⌘F: Toggle through filters

Calendar Tab
• ⌘N Create Event
• ⌘A : Toggle between Agenda View / Whitespace view

Task Details
• ⌘S: Save task
• ⌘W: Close and don’t save
• Tab: autocompletes the top suggestion

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