November iOS Release: Stark (1.3.4)

This release is packed with enterprise-grade features designed to help you get more done!

Have you ever wanted to...

  • Know if something slipped through the cracks? Say hello to Daily Snapshot.
  • Find important contacts faster? We built VIPs for you.
  • Track progress on delegated to-dos? Say hello to Status Updates.
  • Work faster on your iPad? Check out our iPad Keyboard Shortcuts.

Check Out Stark on iPhone/iPad today!

The Most Important Question You Can’t Answer

The Most Important Question You Can’t Answer

After years of struggling with inbox stars, sticky-notes, paper lists and other to-do apps, we at Handle still found ourselves in pain and in need. Despite all of our hacks, we could seldom answer the simple question: "What should I get done today?". In a world filled with limitless information, opportunity and demands on our time, assembling a comprehensive plan for the day was simply too cumbersome, but going into a day without a plan led to being overly reactive.

App Update: Repeating To-dos, Siri and Apple Watch

App Update: Repeating To-dos, Siri and Apple Watch

‘Repeating To-dos’ was your most requested feature over the last few months. We’ve learned that there are many important tasks that regularly need your attention and that making a separate to-do every time just doesn’t cut it. Now, once you’ve set a reminder for any to-do, you can make that to-do repeat at regular intervals.

Constantly Checking Email Is An Addiction

Constantly Checking Email Is An Addiction

Constantly checking email is a "neural addiction" that makes you dumber. Author and neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin researched how our addiction to technology is making us less productive.

Introducing Handle and the Handle Blog

Today we are so excited to make our debut release of Handle for iPhone, iPad, and desktop available to the general public. Handle is a productivity system that brings your to-dos, email, and calendar together into one place so you can focus on what matters. We’ve come to realize that the entire Internet is out to hijack our attention, and think it’s about time somebody took our side. Read more about why we made Handle in our Manifesto.

This blog will be a place where we can share 

  • product and company news,
  • tips and tricks to get the most out of Handle, and
  • productivity hacks and how to focus on what’s important. 

Soon we’ll give our take on Paul Graham’s Frighteningly Ambitious Startup idea #2, ridiculous to-do hacks we’ve seen over the years, and how the Handle Habit can save you from such antics.  

Please give Handle a try and let us know what you love and where improvements would impact your day most. We have an exciting roadmap but are continually surprised by the insights we hear so please don’t be shy. We are here to serve. Email us at feedback@

We’d also like to take this occasion to give thanks to all of those that have helped shape Handle over the years, we couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to more as Handle comes to realize its true potential in the world. Thank you to Michael R, Arisa A, Colin B, Lauren C, Andy S, Guido K, Jan Z, Bob D, Chip H, Derek H, Mike L, Audrey J, and many more!