To Get Things Done.

We shouldn't be wasting our attention and energy on trying to remember things. The more your system for getting things done fits into your life and daily routine, the less you worry and the more you can focus on the important things. With Handle's app for the Apple Watch, we've brought you an intuitive companion to make every day a great day.

Voice Capture

Create a to-do simply by speaking your mind. With Handle's Siri Integration, you can create rich to-dos that include reminders for time and place simply by saying "remind me."


Upcoming at a Glance

Stay focused on what matteres by glancing through your upcoming events and to-dos. Within a few seconds, you get a feel for where you are in your day and what's coming next.


Reminders on Your Wrist

Know when the time or place is right to get something done. Handle will send gentle reminders to your wrist when you can act.


Progress Outside Your Pocket

It's a wonderful feeling to finish a to-do and make progress on your list. As you're completing your to-dos, you can check them off directly from your watch. Your progress will be updated across all the places where you use Handle.